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Performing all over the midwest, join OneHottMess with neon, leather jackets, high-waist jeans, crop tops, plaid, and chokers because this will be a jam to the alternative rock and pop-punk hits of your youth that is a must-experience!


Rex C on Guitar

Arlene A on Vocals

Paulie G on Vocals and Guitar

Craig U on Vocals and Bass Guitar

Anthony C on Drums

OneHottMess is a five-piece high powered and electrifying cover band based from Chicago, Illinois. 

Behind the Mess! 


OneHottMess (OHM) is a Chicago-based cover band that specializes in high-powered and electrifying performances of 80s, 90s, and today's music. Our mission is simple: to revive the good times by breathing new life into forgotten hits. We want our audiences to let loose, dance without inhibition, sing at the top of their lungs, and indulge in their favorite drinks.


Throughout the band's evolution, our mission statement has remained unwavering. Comprised of close friends from established original bands, we come together to celebrate our shared love for alternative rock and pop-punk hits who influenced us both personally and musically.

What makes ONEHOTTMESS different from other similar cover bands? 

OneHottMess get it's audience. Composed of seasoned musicians who have shared stages with many of the artists they cover, the band brings a wealth of experience to every performance.

With decades of collective experience, including nationwide tours and current involvement in respected alternative rock and pop-punk hits. OneHottMess knows how to captivate and resonate with their fan base like no other.

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